Island OrganiX

Island OrganiX was born out of a passion for plants, bees, and animals, and living an organic sustainable life that promotes biodiversity without harming the planet. Situated on Geokaun mountain it has the most stunning views of Valentia, Portmagee, and the Skelligs.  Come for a tour of Island OrganiX: We will start in the Microgreen room where you will quickly learn how to grow microgreens. We will check out the “Office” which is a renovated coach that now serves as both a workshop and an indoor plant room.  We will also check to see what the bees are up to in the Apiary and as we walk through the garden and tunnels talking about plants, trees, and organic methods. We will also be meeting some of Island OrganiX pets. You will never forget your visit here!!

Visit our website or call Paul on 087-1700045 to book the most unique tour or a tailored workshop.