We are situated in School Road, Knightstown in the 160 years old school building. We have extensive exhibitions of all facets of life on the Island dating back to the Tetrapod footprints of the Devonian Period some 385 million years ago. Informative pictures and maps are displayed of ancient Ogham Stones, Holy Wells and village settlements. The unique industrial innovations emanating from the Island include the Transatlantic Cable, the Slate Quarry, the Observatory, the Radio Station and more.  We have many artefacts pertaining to these important developments and there are extensive archives to add to the information available. Daily life before the Bridge has been recorded and the history of fishing and farming is in evidence. Safety at sea is acknowledged and sea rescues are documented. There is a specific area devoted to Maude Delap, the famous Edwardian marine biologist who lived for many years on the Island. These are just a selection of the items in our museum but there are many more to explore.

We also offer information and advice for tourists.

We are open from April to September from 10 am – 5 pm.

email: [email protected]

Telephone number:  +353(0)66 9476411