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Historical visit to Heart’s Content, Canada


On Tuesday, August 8th a delegation of the key stakeholders of the Valentia end of the Transnational UNESCO project, arrived at Heart’s Content in Newfoundland, Canada, home to the landing site of the first Transatlantic Cable. The delegation was led by the newly appointed Mayor of Kerry, Mr Jim Finucane, along with officials from Kerry County Council and the Department of Heritage. Also, as part of the working group, there were representatives from Valentia Island Development Company and the Transatlantic Cable Foundation.

The delegation received a warm reception from their counterparts in Newfoundland including the Minister responsible for Heritage, his officials, representatives from Parks Canada, and the local community at Hearts Content. Highlights of the visit included a walking tour of the historic sites at Hearts Content, many mirroring those at Valentia, a visit to the Cable Station and an evening reception with the local community, hosted by the Mayor of Hearts Content, Mr Doug Piercy.

The Irish and Canadian delegations participated in a series of workshops over three days at the Heart’s Content Cable Station. Hopes for the future were shared, new friendships were forged and actions were agreed to move forward on the joint UNESCO application and the collaboration between the two communities on both sides of the Atlantic.

We look forward to staying in touch with the community at Hearts Content and plans are already being discussed for a return visit of a Canadian delegation to Valentia next summer.


Article by: Leonard Hobbs

4 thoughts on “Historical visit to Heart’s Content, Canada”

  1. As a South Kerry person living in Canada for over 30 years, I’m thrilled to see that these links between Ireland and Canada have been made. The potential is enormous! With the combination of both communities efforts, this should be the beginning of a World Class “must see”. I recommend making connections with Silicon Valley to attach themselves to the genesis of the Information Superhighway 101.

  2. As owners of the cable staff houses in Heart’s Content, it was a privilege to host such a distinguished delegation of visitors to The Cable House Inn. Thank you for the work that you are doing to highlight such an important historical achievement. We look forward to seeing you all again!

  3. I went to Valentia in 2019.
    We toured the museum. It is beautiful.
    On the ferry over there I was talking to the ferry employee.
    When I told him that I grew up in Heart’s Content he said that he knew all about Newfoundland as they learned about it at school.
    I was so surprised but shouldn’t have been.
    Nice to see such recognition on both sides.

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